Smile from the Roof
of the Mondsee Basilica

Immortalize yourself now with your photo, name or a personal dedication on a digital roof tile of the Mondsee Basilica for 10 Euro*. In doing so, you support the renewal of the church roof of the Basilica of St. Michael Mondsee and thus ensure the preservation of this unique cultural jewel for future generations. You will receive a certificate as a thank you.
We also look forward to welcome you as a visitor to our basilica.

*) 10 Euro is app. equal to 10.7 USD - 1631 JPY - 77 CNY - 8.5 GBP

Why your donation matters

The Basilica of St. Michael Mondsee needs a protective roof for the next hundred years.
Faithful Christians should continue to be able to celebrate their services. Pilgrims from near and far can pause in the basilica.
The many international visitors should also be able to visit the Wedding Church of the world-famous film Sound of Music and enjoy the unique cultural treasures of our basilica.
Concerts should also continue to take place in dry conditions.

Donate by selecting a digital roof tile in the virtual basilica roof. Immortalize yourself in the most prominent part of the basilica roof with your name, photo and your personal message. Through email and social media, you can share your support with others and invite them to do the same.
With your donation you will help the Mondsee parish to finance this large project.

Five steps to your donation. Here's how it works:

1. Click here to go directly to the donation selection or select Donate Now at the top of this page.

2. Select an area of the basilica roof area. Currently the south side area is available.

3. Select one or more of the roof tiles in the detail view. Click on roof tiles à € 10,-. For a multiple selection just click on several roof tiles.

4. Donate directly to our donation account via instant transfer or credit card. The roof tiles are colored by your funding contribution.

5. You can personalize the roof tiles, add your photo or link your online performance. Tell your friends about your donation via WhatsApp, email or social media.

We would like to thank all sponsors for their support and look forward to an increasingly colorful basilica roof.

The Mondsee Basilica needs a safe, hail-proof roof.

Our Supporters

  • Kons.-Rat Mag. Reinhard Bell

    Parish priest - Rector of the Mondsee Basilica

    „Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.“ (according to Psalm 127,1) Although God is the builder, there is nothing in the Bible about the financing. I therefore ask you, as priest and rector of the basilica, to make your possible contribution to financing our church roof.

  • Josef Wendtner

    Mayor of Mondsee

    Many small tiles make up the protective roof of our Basilica in Mondsee. Let us all contribute by investing in the future of our pastoral care, our spirituality, for our place steeped in history, for an architectural jewel and for a cultural asset of great significance.